Google Duo to get a redesigned UI with a ‘New Call’ button, company confirms

Google Duo is all set to receive a redesigned home screen with a ‘New Call’ button, which the company says will make it easier for users to make calls. The search giant has announced the new feature via a post on the Google Duo Help webpage. The ‘New Call’ button will allow you to start a call on Google Duo as well as create a group.

One will also be able to check out groups and contacts lists. The same button will also let users call their Assistant “Home” device. The new home screen user interface (UI) will still have the search bar at the top of the screen and the contacts will be visible in a new format along with the ‘New Call’ button. The latter will look like a blue-coloured floating action button (FAB).

The company says the redesigned UI doesn’t include some of the functionalities that were previously available on the home screen. Users will now be able to create and send a video message, audio message, note or picture by tapping on a contact or group and subsequently clicking on the Message button.

If you want to send a message to multiple users, then you will have to first create a group or select a previously created group. Users will be able to create a new group by tapping on the ‘New Call’ button and then clicking on the Create group link.

The ‘contacts and existing groups’ will be discoverable via Search or via the ‘New Call’ entry point. One will be able to invite a friend to Google Duo by tapping on ‘New Call’ and searching for contact either in the search bar or under the contacts list. You will also see a blue invite button next to their name if they’re not on Duo.

In the post, Google suggested that the new feature is one of the highly requested additions to the video calling app. The company asserts that the redesigned UI would hit Google Duo users “over the next few weeks.”

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