YouTube to acquire Indian app simsim, bring small businesses on the radar with creators

YouTube is acquiring simsim, an app that helps bring small local businesses on the radar through video creators. The app works by connecting local businesses with influencers and customers as creators post video reviews about products from local businesses, and viewers can then buy those products directly through the app. These videos are also available in three local languages which are Hindi, Tamil and Bengali.

“We started simsim with the mission of helping users across India shop online with ease, enabled through small sellers and brands showcasing and selling their products using the power of content by trusted influencers. Being a part of the YouTube and Google ecosystem furthers simsim in its mission,” simsim co-founders Amit Bagaria, Kunal Suri and Saurabh Vashishtha said in a joint statement.

Gautam Anand, VP, YouTube Asia Pacific mentioned in a blog post that small businesses have used YouTube to expand their presence online for over 15 years and many of them use YouTube to reach customers outside of their local community. These include Interior Designers to Silk Sarees sellers.

No changes to the simsim app, for now

Anand adds that there will be no immediate changes to the simsim app, which for now, will continue operating independently. Meanwhile, YouTube plans on working on ways to showcase simsim offers to YouTube viewers.

The move could be an important step moving forward for YouTube, which has seen success with new initiatives like creator-oriented YouTube Shorts in India before. The country even has over 2,500 YouTube creators with over a million subscribers. “We know online video will continue to grow as the primary way to find information, entertainment and connections in India,” Anand adds in the post.

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