Instagram’s new Sensitive Content Control feature gives you more control over what you want to see in ‘Explore’

Instagram's new Sensitive Content Control feature gives you more control over the content you want t

A new Instagram feature allows users to control how much sensitive content they see in the app, and more specifically, on its “Explore” tab, reports CNN.

Instagram’s Sensitive Content Control: a new setting for the ‘Explore’ tab

The ‘Explore’ section of Instagram is the place where users discover new content from people they don’t follow. Before this new tool was made available, Instagram relied on recommendation guidelines to ensure its users did not see upsetting or offensive content in the ‘Explore’ section.

However, now, users will get to have a say in that. The default setting will be a limited amount of potentially sensitive content. Apart from that, the feature gives two more options to users: an option that allows all content, and a severely restricted option dubbed “Limit even more”. The “Allow” option is, understandably, available only for users over 18 years of age.

Instagram’s policies on content ban certain types of content, such as hate speech and harassment. This new tool is for other content, that some viewers might take offense to, such as sexual content, or content with some degree of violent nature, but that doesn’t necessarily violate the app’s rules.

Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, stated that users will now have more control over what they see in “Explore”, as everybody has different preferences of what they want to view.
If you want to make changes to this setting, go to your profile, tab the Settings menu (in the upper right corner) > Account > Sensitive Content Control.

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