Twitter is testing new features: Downvote button, Voice Transformer for Spaces

Twitter is working on new features that will offer a better experience to users. The company has confirmed that it is testing new upvote and downvote reactions for tweets. It is also adding a new “Voice Transformer” feature, which will basically let users use multiple voice effects to change their voice in real-time when hosting a live Space.

In a tweet posted by Twitter Support, the company has confirmed that this feature is currently only visible to iOS users. So, the Android users might have to wait a little longer to test it.

The Voice Transformer feature was spotted by known app researcher Jane Manchun Wong. She says the option will allow you to change your “voice pitch or add echo to your audio.” Before going live, you will be able to test different voices and hear how your own voice may sound.

Developer Steve Moser also discovered the same feature and even revealed the list of voice effects that will be available in Twitter Spaces. These include Bee, Cartoon, Helium, Incognito, Karaoke, Microphone, Phone, Spatial, Stadium, and Stage. It is currently unknown when the feature will be available for the public.

Twitter has confirmed that it is working on a new Upvote or downvote reply button as part of an effort to “understand the types of replies you find relevant in a convo, so we can work on ways to show more of them.”

The company has also revealed that the downvotes won’t be public. “This gives people the power to privately voice their opinion on the quality of replies without publicly shaming others while also giving us more nuanced feedback,” Cody Elam, a user researcher at Twitter, said in a thread of tweets.

But, the upvotes will be visible to everyone as likes on a tweet. “You won’t be notified that someone has downvoted your reply. Upvoting a reply as part of this test will be treated as a like –– you’ll be notified and the reply will show up in their Likes tab,” the company said. The feature is currently under development and is only available for some iOS users.

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