How To Find UAN Number All Method

Want To Know How To Find UAN Number? Just Read This Article we Have Given Such Wonderful Information to Find out UAN Number.

There are several methods to find out UAN Number Like Using Online Portal, Using Misdcall Services & Sms, using Udaan App.

Here we have Discussed All Method Available to find out Universal Account Number within Few Minutes.

How To Find UAN Number

First of All Just Thing About This Step. UAN Number is Given By the Government of India. Any One Can not Select His/Her Own UAN number.

But, Yes You Can Also Generate Your UAN Number With Aadhaar Card if Want To Know How To Generate UAN Number Using Adhaaar Check Our Article.

Generally, UAN Number Generate By HR Department of Any Organisation.

if You Newly Join Then They Will Provide you UAN Number After Successfully Joining.

IMP Information To Find UAN Number

  • If you get a payslip, then the UAN number is definitely mentioned in the payslip, the Payslip is also called a salary slip.
  • In some departments, salary slips are not given because either they are a new organization or they do not have the HR department to do this work, In such companies, PF work is handled by an outside person, In this case, you can ask about the UAN number for a person who works for your salary.

Here, we have given all the ways to find the UAN number, below, you can know all those ways.

How To Get UAN Number With PF Number

How To Get UAN Number With PF Number

Sometimes some companies show only the PF number in their salary/pay slip instead of the UAN number.

Most of the companies show both numbers like PF and UAN number.

If your company has given only the PF number in the salary slip or if you have only the PF number, then you will be able to find the UAN number very easily.

So let’s know the steps to find an UAN number from the PF number.

1. Click Here To Open UAN Official Website

By clicking on the link given above, you will go to the official government website of the PF Department.

Which will look something like this.

how to open uan website

2. Know About Various Option In UAN Website

Now you will see many options here Do not get confused, only some of these are your work, but others do not need it.

Here you will see the first 4 options, in which we can use only one at a time.

Know About Various Option In UAN website
  1. UAN: Means Universal Account Number, You can also Activate a UAN number by using it, but if you do not have a UAN number, then continue reading.
  2. Enter Member ID: This Field is Called PF ID, Member ID is Same as PF Number. You can Fill PF Number Against Member ID
  3. AADHAAR: Aadhaar in Now a Day Wonderful Features Launched By Government You Can Also Use Adhaar Number Here.
  4. PAN: You can also know the UAN number from the PAN card number on here.

Note:- Aadhaar number and PAN number will work here only when it is linked with your UAN number, Out of these 4 options, I like 2 options, one is the UAN number and the other is the Aadhaar number.

The Aadhaar number is always linked at the time of generating the new UAN number when the PAN card is not already linked.

Learn about other options given below

there are many other options that are not mandatory but it is very important to know them.

So let’s also know them in details.

Learn about other UAN options

Option That Needs accuracy

Here are the options where the information entered Must be match exactly with the information entered on the portal or Shown.

If the single character is wrong in any one of these, then you will not be able to go further. For example, if you misspelled one word in the names Or in the date of birth, the month is written wrongly, or if the captcha is written wrong, then you will receive an error.

That’s why put all three options carefully and check before submitting.

  • Name: Enter Your Full Name as In Aadhaar
  • Date Of Birth: Enter Date Of Birth as Per Aadhaar
  • Captcha: Check Text on Image And Fill In Textbox

The option which not Needs accuracy

This is an option in which there is no need for accountability but one thing needs to be kept in mind, That is, whatever mobile number and email you enter, it will be default updated on the portal.

  • Mobile No: Enter You Mobile Number
  • Email ID: Fill Your Email ID

3. Know About PF Account Number

If you do not have the correct information about PF Number, it can also make your work very hard.

That’s why it is very important to understand the PF number.

So let’s have the complete information of the PF number below.

PF number is something like this.

Sample of PF Number: GJ AMD 0058995 000 0000929

Know About PF Account Number
  • GJ: It Represents State, i.e., Gujarat.
  • AMD: It Represents the regional office, i.e., Ahmedabad.
  • 0058995: This Seven Number Represents the establishment ID
  • 000: These Three Numbers are extension ID of establishment, If Not extension is Provided Then It can be 000.
  • 0000929: Last Seven Number Represents Employee Member ID.

4. Fill All Information as Described Above

From the first 4 options, select the option with the member id, then fill the remaining four columns according to the information given above.

Now fill the Captcha given below, if you do not see the captcha words correctly then you can refresh to change.

Then you have to click on the button containing “Get Authorization Pin“.

Next, you will get an OTP (One Time Password) to confirm your details and whether you are the person with these details or not.

Here you can see that with your basic details here the UAN number is also showing.

The OTP will be of 6 digits which will be entered in the newly opened tab.

You can copy and keep this number, after entering the OTP later, you will be Recieve a password along with the UAN number, Which you can use for Login in the Future.

How To Find UAN Number By Aadhar Card

One of the two best ways to find a UAN number is to find with an Aadhaar card, Because the success rate is very high and the chance of error coming is very low.

That’s why I recommend it to all my visitors.

So let’s know about how to find the UAN with Aadhaar.

How To Find UAN Number By Aadhar Card

1. Open UAN Official Website

Click this link and go to the official website of the PF Department.

You will see a lot of options on that, from the above information you can understand all those options in a good way.

2. Fill Necessary Information

From the four options given on that, you just have to select the Aadhaar option and enter your Aadhaar number in it.

When you click on Aadhaar, the other three options, member Id and PAN will be Hide.

Now Fill Basic Details as mention earlier like Full Name, DOB, Mobile and Email with Captcha.

Note:- Here you can customize your mobile number and email, It is not compulsory that the number which is linked with Aadhaar or given in the company is to be entered

Now you have to click on “Get Authozition Pin” Botton.

Confirm Information And Enter OTP

You will be redirected to a new page after clicking on the “Get Authozition Pin” Botton.

Where you will see your name, mobile number email along with the UAN number.

If you want, you can copy or Write this UAN number, otherwise, after entering the OTP, you will receive SMS with UAN number and password.

You can use this username and password to login here at next time.

How To Know UAN Number With Mobile Number

This is a great way to find your UAN number, There is no fast and easy way like this way.

In this, you not only get the information of the UAN number but also the last contribution, Aadhaar, Kyc Details and much more information from just one missed call.

Members registered on the UAN portal may get their details with EPFO by giving a missed call to Below Number from their registered Mobile number.

How To Know UAN Number With Mobile Number
  • Give a Missed call from Your registered mobile to 01122901406
  • Call automatically gets disconnected after two rings
  • No cost to the member to avail this service

Note: To get information from this method, your mobile number must be registered on the UAN Portal.

Click Here To get Authorised Letter for Missed Call Facility of EPFO India.

How To Find UAN Number Using PAN Number

You want to find the UAN number from the PAN number, meaning you are not able to select the remaining three options.

If you are able to use the remaining three options, then I advise you to first try the three options as mention above

Because PAN number is never updated by any company before, As far as I can see, every Employee updates the PAN through Employee portal.

That is why if PAN is not linked with your UAN then how will you be able to receive you information of the UAN number.

However, if you want to find with PAN, then here is the way.

How To Find UAN Number Using PAN Number

1. Select PAN Option at UAN official Website

First of all, you have to open the official website of the government, Link is given above

Select the PAN option as the Image Given below.

select pan at uan portal

When you select PAN, the other three options, Member ID, Aadhaar, UAN will be hidden.

2. Enter Basic Details

Now you have to enter your basic details which include full name, date of birth, mobile number and email.

After entering the correct information, you have to enter the captcha below, You can also change captcha by refreshing it.

3. Enter OTP and Get SMS

If you click on the button containing the “Get Authozition Pin“, then You will receive SMS on the Mobile number you have written above, In which you have to put the number of six digits OTP in the Textbox mention on next page.

4. Ready To Login

Now you will get an SMS in which the Username and password will be sent, You can use this username and password to login to the future.

Note:- after the new activation, you will be able to login on the UAN site, but you will not be able to login on the Passbook UAN website, Because You can login on the passbook website only after 6 hours of activation.

How To Know UAN Number With SMS

This is such a method in which you can find out the UAN number, with the latest PF Contribution and total available balance also by sending an SMS at 7738299899 from the registered number

Example: “EPFOHO UAN” to 7738299899.

The facility is available in English (US), English(India) and Hindi (India), Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Bengali.

If you want the message in your mother tongue or any other language except English, the first three characters Must Be Added of your preferred language after UAN.

How To Know UAN Number With SMS

For example, to receive SMS in Telugu then SMS to be sent will be “EPFOHO UAN TEL” to 7738299899.

  • Hindi:- “EPFOHO UAN HIN” to 7738299899.
  • Punjabi:- “EPFOHO UAN PUN” to 7738299899.
  • Gujarati:- “EPFOHO UAN GUJ” to 7738299899.
  • Marathi:- “EPFOHO UAN MAR” to 7738299899.

FYI (For Your Information)

Please read the information given below if you use this method.

  • SMS Must be sent from the registered mobile number in UAN Portal.
  • EPFO sends the last PF contribution & PF Total balance details of the member along with available KYC information.
  • This facility is available in Ten languages as Mention Below.

Following Languages Supported In This Services

  1. English – By Default
  2. Hindi – (HIN)
  3. Gujarati – (GUJ)
  4. Marathi – (MAR)
  5. Kannada – (KAN)
  6. Punjabi – (PUN)
  7. Telugu – (TEL)
  8. Tamil – (TAM)
  9. Malayalam – (MAL)
  10. Bengali – (BEN)

Check Here Official Authorised Letter of Short Code SMS Service From EPFO India

If You Really Succeed To Find Out UAN Number Online Then You Have To Know About These Things Also. Like How Can You Activate UAN Number?, How To Update KYC After Activating UAN Account? Click On These Link to Know More which Process as Shown in this Article.

It Will also Helps You To Withdraw Full And Partial Amount of PF Online Without Your Companies HR & Without Filling any Form.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have two EPF accounts First in Andhra Pradesh Other in Karnataka I want to withdraw the PF balance from both accounts.

I had a similar thing with me, I used to work in a company which was a limited company, later it became a bank limited.

Due To This, HR Department Created New UAN, Now PF Deposited In New UAN Account.

in Such Case, You Have To Update Aadhaar & Last Working Date in old Organisation.

Sometimes you are Not able To Update Aadhaar In Two UAN Account In Such Cases You Have To Update Adhaar With Your HR Department of You Old Organisation or You Have To Process PF Withdrawal Manually.

I missed my Uan registered mobile Number how can i Activate Uan?

There is No Need of Any Mobile Number Which is Submitted In Your Companies and Linked With Aadhaar During UAN Activation, You Can Update Any New Number During UAN Activation Process

What is UAN ?

UAN means Universal Account Number Which is a 12 digit number provided to each member of the Employees by Provided Fund Organisation (EPFO) through which Employee can manage his PF accounts.

how can i get UAN for my epf a/c

Generally, UAN Number Allotment Process Done By HR Department Of Your Organisation But You have To Check Your Payslip or Check All Above Method To Solve This Issue.

You Can Check This Article For Next Process.

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